About Us

3 Sunflowers family

Hey everyone! First and foremost I would like to thank you for stopping by our website. It brings me joy and gratitude knowing you guys are interested enough to find out what 3 Sunflowers is all about. 

So where should I start... Well, my name is Megz Evalle and I am the owner of 3 Sunflowers. I am Filipino and yes, I am also a nurse (typical, right? lol). Nurse-turned-entrepreneur, to be exact. I am a mother to my beautiful 1-year-old daughter, Celestine, and engaged to my amazing other-half, Chris. They have been my inspiration and my drive to just about everything I do.



"What is 3 Sunflowers all about?"

3 Sunflowers is proud in serving the community with Organic and Fair Trade coffee. Because it is organic, you can rest assured that you are consuming coffee that has not been sprayed with any chemicals, synthetic fertilizer, and pesticides. We beans are sourced from Fair Trade farms because we believe in giving back and supporting the farmers and their community. 

Not only do we care about what we consume, we also want to do what's right in our planet by packaging our beans with kraft material that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable. Everything from the beans to the packaging can be composted into biodegradable material that can be reused one way or another. 

“How did 3 Sunflowers Coffee originate?”

Well, after I had my daughter, (like any new mother) I just needed something to kick start my morning from an anxiety driven night of constantly waking up to make sure my newborn is safe, fed, cleaned and breathing. The only thing we had at home were freeze-dried coffee that I always had to mask the bitterness with milk and sugar. The nurse in me wanted to avoid any processed junk as much as possible and the new mother that I was just boosted that fixation 100x more. It didn’t help that I was also lactose intolerant and I hated that bloated feeling I’d get after each coffee intake. I remember telling Chris that there has to be coffee out there that I can just drink black and not get slapped with bitterness with every sip. The awesome man that he is, he went out and bought so many different coffee brands for me to try. Sadly, none of them I liked. They were either regular conventional coffee but with weak taste or organic yet still bitter and the taste just didn’t do it for me. That’s where the idea to create my own coffee brand that meets my organic need yet taste amaze-balls.

“Where did the name 3 Sunflowers come from?”

Many of you may be wondering where my brand name of 3 Sunflowers came from. Well, it’s quite funny...and cute. It’s actually from my daughter’s favorite page out of a book that I’ve read to her since she was born. Whenever I land on that page and say “threeeeee suuuuunflowers!!”, her face lights up and just melts any heart that experiences her reaction. See? Told you she inspires me!